Asset Recycling Services

Remarket + Reuse + Recycle = eCycle

At Asset Logic™ we believe the best approach to recycling is to extend the lifecycle of your equipment, benefitting both your bottom line and our environment. We work hard to recover and remarket as much of your older, unwanted, excess, or end-of-life equipment whenever possible to increase your overall return on investment.

Why Partner with a Local eCycler?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises the building of sustainable communities through local partnerships in order to protect the community's economic and ecological resources.

Our Consignment Services Provide Immediate Cash Influx into the Local Economy.

By using a local company for your asset management needs, you are supporting a sustainable business model that encourages local economic growth. Asset Logic pays consignment clients immediately, providing a direct recapture of your capital investment.

Reuse is Recycling.

Refurbishing used electronic equipment for reuse extends the life of products, maximizing the energy and resources that went into making such equipment. We work hard to recover your end-of-life equipment by refurbishing and remarketing items that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Asset Logic is committed to lowering the environmental impact of e-Waste by first attempting to resell for reuse, and then recycling when determined to be more environmentally-friendly.

We Are Committed to the Ecological Safety of our Local Community.

A complete asset management plan must address a responsible recycling and disposal component. Asset Logic offers safe, conventional recycling services when our equipment evaluation specialists determine it is environmentally necessary.

e-Waste Collector

As an approved e-Waste Collector we meet all State of California requirements for SB20 and SB40 of The Electronic Waste Recycling Act. We have partnered with local recycling centers with excellent track records in compliance with the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC). Asset Logic also complies with the following local City of Emeryville initiatives:

  • Stop Landfill (Ordinance No. 09-004)
  • Climate Action Plan (an initiative to reduce carbon emissions in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol)


Got e-Waste?

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